Maggio Wedding at the Zoo

The newlyweds leaving the church

 Here are a couple of shots from the wedding my hubby and I went to this weekend. We had a blast connecting with old college friends. The were no awkward moments or boring convos, we all just picked up where we left off – laughing, being loud, and telling stories.  The reception was held at the amazing Brookfield Zoo.  One of the highlights was going to the cocktail hour in the “Great Bear Wilderness”. We sipped on cocktails and ate hor’ dourves in between the polar bear habitat and the grizzy bear habitat, I’ll post more on that later… Let’s just say it was awesome.

The Swamp

The beautiful Bride sees her Groom while walking down the aisle

Nothing could ruin our fun, not even the rain

The Handsome Groom

Every time I go to the Brookfield Zoo I take a photo with the lion

Good Friends, Good Times - Vicky, Des, and Pat


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