Lucy Month One


It’s incredibly hard to believe a whole month has gone by since this little cutie made her appearance. It feels more like a really long day with little naps here and there. No matter how much you try to prepare for parenthood, there is nothing quite like it. Especially the no sleep thing… I thought I wasn’t getting any sleep when I was pregnant. This is a whole new ballgame. And I’m lucky! Lucy only gets up once at night, but then she tends to stay up. Sometimes for only 45min, and other times for a couple of hours. That’s usually when I start crying and asking her why she won’t go to sleep. It’s had to get mad when you have this little face looking at you, and all she really wants to do is eat and snuggle.

Which brings me to breastfeeding. Whoa, what an experience. It’s not as easy as it looks, thats for sure. Lucy is a healthy little girl with a healthy little appetite. She’s been feeding like a champ since the beginning. Let’s just say she falls into the “barracuda” style of breastfeeding. Yeah, she’s a real go-getter. So on the plus side she’s growing, but at the expense of two of the most sensitive areas on my entire body. We’re in a good groove now… since I’ve had a month to toughen up. It’s comforting knowing my little Lucy is growing because of what I am providing for her. Plus, at a month out I’m 8lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight, after putting on a total of 38lbs. Yay! Breast is best!

Back to the parenting thing… I love it. I love my baby girl. And I love watching Des with Lucy. I’m not sure it will ever get old. Even down the road when they are teaming up against me for one thing or another.

Things I’ve learned about Lucy…

  • She has incredible neck and back strength
  • She LOVES being on her belly
  • She does things with great intensity – pooping, crying, eating
  • She is a really loud sleeper, constantly grunting and making noises
  • She has had the hiccups everyday since she was born and everyday in utero for three months prior to her being born, and she hates it
  • She sneezes in threes like her mommy
  • She has very active eyebrows, and I’m excited to see what she does with them in the future
  • She knows how to roll over – did it 3 times in a row days before she turned one month






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