Morning Routine


Our lives have been everything but routine pretty much since I left my full-time job back in 2011. Living life as a freelance designer and photographer makes it difficult for me to establish a set hour-to-hour routine. All the books say I’m supposed set hours for myself, but to be honest that’s why I dove into the freelance world to have more freedom. Fitting in client meetings and traveling to do photo shoots, then brainstorming or editing make it nearly impossible to set hours (you never know when creativity will strike and you certainly don’t force it.) Then add in caring for a home, cooking, and social time, and poof no routine. It’s certainly a good way to keep my life interesting. And when summer in Chicago hits everyone goes into “summer mode.” Lots of late nights, weekend trips, festivals, BBQs, all the fun stuff that make you want to stay as far from a daily regimen as possible.

So that being said, Lucy really has no particular daily routine, but she does have a morning routine… that I freaking love. When she wakes we snuggle while she eats breakfast. She slowly let’s her eyes adjust to the morning light, getting wider and wider as the minutes pass. Then when I feel she’s done, I unlatch her, burb her, and lay her next to me while we practice our ABC’s and spelling her name. Goodness she is a happy girl in the morning. She’s all smiles and coos. Then I start to get ready for the day. After a while she fusses from being on her back. So I sit her up against the pillow while I continue to work around the apt. Once she’s bored in the bedroom we start our new adventure for the day.

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