Lucy Month Four


The milestones seem to be coming faster and faster these days. Lucy went on her first plane ride and international trip. The day before the big trip, she learned to roll from her back to her stomach with ease – no arms getting stuck under her ever-growing and adorable belly. Then the day after we returned she crawled. Yep, she crawled. I left her in the middle of my parents living room with some toys. Was gone for no longer than a few minutes, when I hear her little distress cry. It’s a short call with little breaks while she tries to solve her issues on her own, “Ehh, hey, heyyyy, ehhhh.”  I walk back into the room to see if I can be off some assistance, and she’s a solid six feet from where she started. And she’s in distress because she’s up against the brick fireplace with nowhere to go.

I freak out.

Half of the freakout is because ‘Holy cow my baby is rubbing her soft, little, fragile head up against the rough coarse brick.’ The other half of the freak out is because ‘Holy cow I think my baby just crawled.’ So I pick her up, give her some reassuring hugs and kisses, lay her on her back, and watch her do it again. She rolls over to her tummy, lifts her butt into the air while bringing her feet closer to her body, then pushes forward, and rolls to her side. And she repeats this over and over agin. The only sad part is she hasn’t quite yet learned to use her arms and hands to her advantage, so her face rubs against the carpet. I stop her before she gets rug burn, and note to myself: never leave Lucy on the floor alone anymore.

Other than her new caterpillar crawl, here are some other tid-bits from this month:

  • Lucy was baptized, yay! (Photos to come)
  • I have taken Lucy on no less than 5 dinner dates/outings/lunch dates/business meetings and she was nothing but a pleasure. It helps that there are so many outdoor patios in the neighborhood. She sits in her stoller and looks around, sometimes contributing to the conversation, other times snoozing
  • She’ll pretty much smile at anyone who smiles at her first
  • I’ve dusted off the vocal chords and took a walk down memory lane to find some songs to sing with Lucy. Other than LOVING the ABCs, she’s into the itsy bitsy spider, old mcdonald, you are my sunshine, and twinkle twinkle little star

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2 thoughts on “Lucy Month Four

  1. I love reading up on little Lucy! She’s getting so big so fast and before you know it she will be walking and talking!

  2. Sil! First of all, you are awesome. Thanks for always reading and commenting, xo. Secondly, yea I got a feeling she’s going to be an early walker…

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