A little while back, we decided to Christen Lucy. While Des and I are not avid church-goers, it was still very important to me to celebrate the arrival of our baby in a spiritual fashion. Not to mention both Des and I were both baptized at a young age. To me this was more about following a tradition than anything else. Not being a part of a church regularly made it difficult to pick a place to go about the ceremony. We researched various religions and Christianity denominations, but nothing felt quite right. Except for of course, The Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It’s the only church I’ve every really felt connected to. It’s authentic, traditional, and needless to say breath-taking-ly beautiful. It’s the church my maternal grandparents went to, and the church my mom grew up in, and the church my parents we married in, and the church I was Baptized in. And technically the church Des and I were married in. It’s the church I’ve spent every Christmas eve in since I was born. It’s the only church I’ve ever seen completely submerge itself in the community.

We had recently connected with one of the priests at Mount Carmel, and knew baptizing Lucy with him was the right decision. I remember sitting his office and being fascinated by his bookshelf. Lots of scientific reads, and some well known fiction novels too – Angels & Demons and The DaVinci Code.  Most devout Catholics I know would see this as blasphemous. It means a lot to me when a person can be open-minded, especially a religious person. It means they aren’t afraid to challenge what they think they know. Or change perspectives and adapt to new findings. We all evolve, why fight it?

Anyway, I digress. The Christening ceremony was lovely. Des and I asked my younger sister to be Lucy’s godmother. Shoes I wouldn’t want anyone else to fill. She gladly accepted.

We were surrounded by our close family members, and finished the night with a mouth-watering meal from Sorrento’s. I was most excited and honored to have Lucy wear my dress from when I was Christened some 27 years ago. A beautiful, little lace number imported from Italy. The shoes were recently gifted to Lucy from our good friend, Lily. They were made in Belgium. Apparently, the Belgians are known for their lace making skills.

The photos are taken at my late grandparents house in Melrose Park. We got Lucy for ready for the big day here and walked to the Church.

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