Sonny Acres


We made our annual trip to the local pumpkin farm, Sonny Acres. In tow were my folks, my sister, my brother, Des, and first-timer Lucy. Seeing my little chubby pumpkin amidst a sea of real pumpkins made my smile stretch from ear to ear. Our trip was a few days after my birthday, a very special time for me. I love birthdays. One day in 365 that you are celebrated for being here, in all your unique glory. A day for the spotlight, and just about as much spotlight as I’m comfortable with.

Growing up my family, especially my parents, always went above and beyond on my and my siblings birthdays. I would wake up to a decorated bathroom. Was treated to a special hot lunch for me and sometimes a friend. Had the tastiest homemade cupcakes to share with my class. Was thrown both a large family birthday party with all my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins AND a separate friends party. And there was always a small, intimate birthday dinner with just my immediate family at any place I chose. The last one is still in play.


Sonny Acres was a good time. The weather was less than desirable. It was cold and damp, and started raining at the end. All the more reason for comfort food. We took the liberty of ordering a half dozen freshly made apple cider doughnuts, fresh cut fries with that oh-so-good-tasting but incredibly bad for you cheese on top, and I think there was a grilled cheese in there somewhere. We all had our eyes set on golden yellow sweet corn dipped in butter, but surprisingly they were sold out.  The age gap (and the weather) kept the visit short and sweet. Lucy was having plenty of fun picking at the pumpkins and observing all the kiddos around her.

I love my family and I treasure these times we spend together. There have been far too many tragedies in the last year, both personal and worldwide, and these photos keep me grounded. They keep me from lashing out over something insignificant. And they keep me humble and grateful. These photos are little slices of my happiness.

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