Lucy Month Nine


On the weekends when Lucy wakes up, one of us goes to get the Goose and bring her in our bed. Mostly in hopes of her falling back to sleep again, but only rarely does it turn out that way. Usually, Lucy uses our bed and our faces as part of her impromptu jungle gym. Des and I tag team wrangling her up and keeping an eye out while the other one catches some extra z’s.  On this one particular morning, we really wanted to get her back to sleep. She had just finished breast-feeding, so we snuggled her in between us, got her all comfy and started looking for her Ducky. (Side note, Lucy’s Ducky is a Wubbanub – a beanie baby like stuffed animal attached to a green soothie pacifier. A lifesaver of sorts.) I spotted Ducky underneath her and went to pull it out. Well, when I did that the pacifier was ripped off of the stuffed animal. And with that Des and I jolted awake, waiting to see Lucy’s reaction. She paused and calmly took both pieces from me. The pacifier in one hand, and the ducky in the other. A moment passed while she looked at her ducky in two. Then she very sweetly brought them together, then apart, then together, as though she was trying to reattach the two. Made my heart very sad.

She went on taking the pacifier for a few more days sans ducky. We went to the store to buy her new soothies, and even a new ducky, but she wanted nothing to do with them. Then just like that she dropped the habit. It’s been a few weeks now, and she still has no desire to use a pacifier. I can’t say I’m sad about the situation because I know how hard it can be for kids to separate from their pacifiers, but there may be a little guilt lingering.

Some other notables from the month –

  • Pretty much the day Lucy turned nine months her little attitude magically appeared. I told her no to something, and she snapped back at me…
  • Two more top teeth have dropped down, for a total of 6 teeth
  • She’s adding to her selection of dance moves with a very rhythmic side-to-side move
  • She started saying ma-ma and gda-gda
  • She learned how to blow kisses with just her lips – no hand motion yet
  • She has a thing for long hair and likes to play with mine while she nurses
  • Lucy celebrated her first Halloween as a sailor/lollipop kid! We skipped the trick or treating though, it was really icky outside

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One thought on “Lucy Month Nine

  1. Omg these pics are adorable. Have been admiring your Xmas card on our fridge but all if these are AMAZING. That story about her ducky is so sweet and sad. Can’t wait til hafiz shows his personality like that.

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