Lucy Month 11

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I’m not sure I have a specific memory to share for this month. I know that this is the month that I started realizing Lucy is no longer a baby. She’s a toddler now. She started walking on her own in January. From November until January she would take steps here and there, cruise along the furniture and in her play pen. But there was a night in January at my folks place that she just bounced around from person to person. It was warm in the house so she was stripped down to a diaper and white onesie. Her feet bare and free to grip the floor beneath her. Her tiny, chubby arms up ready to brace for a fall, and proud giggles pouring out from her belly as she would carry herself around the room. Happiness and encouragement filled the air. It was one of those nights where everything felt right. Hanging out with family who were just as proud of Lucy as we were made it all the more special. Watching Lucy accomplish such a huge milestone was incredibly rewarding. As a parent, your heart swells with so much happiness and pride. It’s something I’ve never felt before having Lucy, and I get it now. I get the unconditional love, and hopefulness. I get it.

Some other happenings this month…

  • Lucy is pretty much off baby food and eats everything – Indian, Thai, deep dish, skillets, subs, etc
  • She learned to hug
  • She always wants to hug Gordon. I love watching the bond form between them. Her unconditional love, his protectiveness. It’s really adorable
  • Lucy insists on carrying a Princess Sofia doll around with her. She got is as a goodie bag gift a while back, but only recently started to carry it with her.
  • She is starting to share
  • She loves, loves, loves the show Bubble Guppies. It’s like baby crack.
  • She celebrated her first Christmas and New Years (I’ll put up a separate post about those events)

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