Hello. I’m Nicole, and this is my design + photography + lifestyle blog. I post commissioned work, personal work, and whatever falls in between.

Here is the run down…

I love color, color theory and coloring
I am married to a brilliant and dashingly handsome man, and we have a brilliant and beautiful little girl
I come from a LARGE Italian family and I love every single one of them
I strive to attain a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle
I have a black lab named Gordon, he’s the coolest
I graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a BFA
I lived in Oakland, California for two blissful and eye-opening years
I have a weakness for sweet potato fries and dark chocolate
I’ve been called a foodie
I love Chicago
I love yoga

I work across many different design disciplines including graphic design, space (3D) design, and photography. If you’d like to work together contact me at…

hello [at] nicolefrancesca.com


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