Grace Street

And like that, we are out of the city. It’s been about two weeks since we moved out of our cozy little one bedroom in Lakeview.  I loved that apt.  I loved the apt more than the location.  Sure living down the street from Wrigley Field is a novelty (you can see the stadium lights […]

Gordon Goes to the Beach

So we finally took Gordon out to the Montrose Dog Beach on Lake Michigan…. This, I’m sure, is Gordon’s new favorite place. I mean look at that first photo, he is radiating with happiness. Okay yeah – he’s pretty much always happy, but he looked like he was going to explode from excitement overload. Basically, it […]

Sunday in the City

I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but yesterday the fam, Des, and I honored the events of 9/11 by admiring our own city – Chicago. We bought some Groupon deals for the Shoreline Architecture Cruise a few months ago for my dad’s birthday and gathering all of us for more than three hours is […]

Friday Quickies

Here are some quick links from the inter-webs and events happening around Chicago… [1] On Sunday Big Star will host a huge yard sale, featuring “extra and unused plates, cutlery, beer mugs, chairs and more” [2] Great article on the “Power of Being Present” [3] The 3rd annual Chicago Ice Cream & Gelato Fest is happening tonight in Little […]

Maggio Wedding Cocktail Hour

As I mentioned in this post, the Maggio cocktail hour was at the Great Bear Wilderness of the Brookfield Zoo. There is a sweet indoor room/passing area that connects both the grizzly habitat and the polar bear habitat. In addition to being so close to the amazing beasts there were trainers feeding the bears to […]

Maggio Wedding at the Zoo

 Here are a couple of shots from the wedding my hubby and I went to this weekend. We had a blast connecting with old college friends. The were no awkward moments or boring convos, we all just picked up where we left off – laughing, being loud, and telling stories.  The reception was held at […]

Friday Quickies

Here are some quick links that I highly recommend you check out… [1] The Shortest Diet  – good, efficient advice in a nice and short article [2] Celebrities in your face [3] Tony Horton (The man behind P90x) has some wise words of advice [4] Ever wonder why Chicagoan’s don’t put ketchup on hot dogs? [5] I’ve seen […]

Dreamy Kitchen Tour

I found this kitchen tour over at Apartment Therapy/The Kitchen , and am blown away. It’s so bold and fresh, and my knees got weak when I saw the exposed brick. I am happy to share this kitchen belongs to a Palmer Square resident, Christen. She is also the CEO of Busy Beaver Button Co., “a fun […]

Chicago Auto Show 2010

That special time of year has come and gone. As expected, the Auto Show was on the more tame side of auto shows. It was light on concept cars, sweet interactive exhibits and (to my surprise) more fuel-efficient vehicles. But always a good time nonetheless. Below are some highlights… This is the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. This electric […]