Lucy Month 11

I’m not sure I have a specific memory to share for this month. I know that this is the month that I started realizing Lucy is no longer a baby. She’s a toddler now. She started walking on her own in January. From November until January she would take steps here and there, cruise along […]

Lucy Month Ten

I was having a really busy work day. Thankfully, Lucy was also having a really busy work day.  She was telling her dolls stories in her adorable raspy, baby voice. She spent some time chasing Gordon (in her walker) in hopes of hugging him. And a good chunk of her day was spent daydreaming out […]

Thanksgiving 2013

Our first Thanksgiving in our new home, and our first hosted Thanksgiving. Thirty-something people spread across two tables with lots and lots of food. Everyone chipped in and brought a dish, helped clean up, and helped break down, so the day was quite manageable. We have a lot to be grateful for this year. And […]

Lucy Month Nine

On the weekends when Lucy wakes up, one of us goes to get the Goose and bring her in our bed. Mostly in hopes of her falling back to sleep again, but only rarely does it turn out that way. Usually, Lucy uses our bed and our faces as part of her impromptu jungle gym. […]

Sonny Acres

We made our annual trip to the local pumpkin farm, Sonny Acres. In tow were my folks, my sister, my brother, Des, and first-timer Lucy. Seeing my little chubby pumpkin amidst a sea of real pumpkins made my smile stretch from ear to ear. Our trip was a few days after my birthday, a very […]

Lucy Month Eight

Maybe it’s because we’ve been together every day for a while now, but I haven’t felt time has gone by fast until  this month.  Until now, time has gone by at a reasonable rate. When I’m with Lucy, I rarely look back and I rarely look forward. My biggest wish is to be with her […]

Lucy Month Seven

Wham, her hand slams on the table. She looks at me – eyes wide, mouth open, and a little grunt squeaks out. Hit me again, I want more food.  She takes in her spoonful of the daily special. A little bit of the food finds it’s way through her lips and on to her face. […]

Lucy Month Six

This month was a special one. It was a month of big milestones for both us and Lucy. After moving eight times in ten years, Des and I finally picked a place to sink our toes and grow some roots. We both agreed we are staying put for at least five years.  This was our […]

Lucy Month Five

Lucy turned five months on July 21, just days before our big move to the suburbs.  Scrambling for ideas to document her fifth month in our lives, I played on the growing chaos of our apartment.  As you can see Lucy ended up in a  moving box, with all of her stuffed animals and a […]

Grace Street

And like that, we are out of the city. It’s been about two weeks since we moved out of our cozy little one bedroom in Lakeview.  I loved that apt.  I loved the apt more than the location.  Sure living down the street from Wrigley Field is a novelty (you can see the stadium lights […]