Sonny Acres

We made our annual trip to the local pumpkin farm, Sonny Acres. In tow were my folks, my sister, my brother, Des, and first-timer Lucy. Seeing my little chubby pumpkin amidst a sea of real pumpkins made my smile stretch from ear to ear. Our trip was a few days after my birthday, a very […]

Grace Street

And like that, we are out of the city. It’s been about two weeks since we moved out of our cozy little one bedroom in Lakeview.  I loved that apt.  I loved the apt more than the location.  Sure living down the street from Wrigley Field is a novelty (you can see the stadium lights […]


A little while back, we decided to Christen Lucy. While Des and I are not avid church-goers, it was still very important to me to celebrate the arrival of our baby in a spiritual fashion. Not to mention both Des and I were both baptized at a young age. To me this was more about […]

Lucy Month Four

The milestones seem to be coming faster and faster these days. Lucy went on her first plane ride and international trip. The day before the big trip, she learned to roll from her back to her stomach with ease – no arms getting stuck under her ever-growing and adorable belly. Then the day after we […]

Lucy Month Three

Here we are at month three. A little late, but here nonetheless. This wee one is taking up a good portion of my schedule these days. She’s very interested in my day-to-day activities – cleaning, cooking, walking Gordon. She’s very social, and especially likes being in crowds. She loves being outside, watching the leaves dance […]

Lucy Takes Gordon to the Beach

We’re finally heading into beach weather in Chicago. And by beach weather I mean dog beach weather. Don’t get me wrong we can take Gordon to the beach all year round, and he usually goes for a dip no matter the temperature, but we’ve got a 4th wheel now. Lucy happily tags along most places […]

Morning Routine

Our lives have been everything but routine pretty much since I left my full-time job back in 2011. Living life as a freelance designer and photographer makes it difficult for me to establish a set hour-to-hour routine. All the books say I’m supposed set hours for myself, but to be honest that’s why I dove […]

Cosley Zoo

Sunday we went to a party at Cosley Zoo for my little cousin’s third birthday. Cosley is more or less a glorified petting zoo. Lots of farm animals, ducks, and bunny rabbits. Perfect for a little person’s birthday party.  When I was a camp counselor back in the day, I used to take my little […]