Newborn Photo Shoot : Maida

A little while back (this beauty is almost two months) I did a newborn shoot for my dear friends, Mike and Jen. I’m so lucky to have friends that also have kids. Before Jen had Maida, we had weekly lunch dates. We’d sit around for hours, talking about babies, parenting philosophies, and other similar topics. […]

First Easter

This has been a week of many firsts for Lucy. First Easter, first social smile, first walk outside with Gordon, first trip to the grocery store. I love knowing I can take Lucy outside of the house without her world falling apart. It’s quite the opposite actually. She loves going on little adventures. When we […]

Dream World

Lucy and I are starting to get into more of a groove now. I can pick out what her different cries mean – when she needs to be picked up and when she can work things out on her own. I know Lucy is supposed to recognize my voice, but she actually recognizes my voice. […]

Sleepy Baby

I’m not sure there is anything more peaceful than a snapshot of a sleeping baby. Especially one this adorable.  A friend of ours who met Lucy for the first time this weekend said ‘It’s really hard to not stare at a baby.’ So true. If I had nothing else to do I would watch her sleep […]

Lucy Month One

It’s incredibly hard to believe a whole month has gone by since this little cutie made her appearance. It feels more like a really long day with little naps here and there. No matter how much you try to prepare for parenthood, there is nothing quite like it. Especially the no sleep thing… I thought […]

Lucy’s Birth Story

After two weeks of on-again off-again contractions, Desmond and I went in to the hospital for a cervidil induction at 41 weeks. It was a Wednesday night, we pulled up to the hospital around 8:30. I was 1cm dilated, completely effaced, and to be honest disappointed about the induction BUT ready to meet our girl. […]

Newborn Photo Shoot : Bippus Family

Here is a sneak peak at my Bippus family photo shoot. The green polka dot blanket was a great choice, it really compliments the babe’s soft pink skin. Too often people want to use pink blankets/backgrounds for newborn girls, and sorry folks it just doesn’t work – from a composition and technical view point. When […]